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"I have been receiving massage from Kristin since she first started her training, and am still a regular customer now. I am trained in massage myself and was very impressed with Kristin’s technique, pressure, and in depth knowledge of the skeletal system from day one. Always taking her time to carry out a thorough initial assessment, then checking in before every session to see if anything has changed.


Kristin has a very laid back and open way about her which makes you quickly feel at ease. Being a dog groomer as well as having previous back problems, and ongoing health conditions, Kristin had her work cut out for her taking on me! Not only does she massage you during your treatment, but also carries out various deep gentle stretches during the session. Kristin does all the hard work tho so you can just lie back and enjoy! I don’t have to tell Kristin which areas need worked on as her healing hands quickly find them for themselves. I love how deep the massage is and feel that it really reaches and stretches out the areas that need it. Kristin at points uses her elbow and full body weight to get to where she needs to be. Don’t worry tho, I request this type of masssge as it benefits me most. Kristin always checks in with you to ensure that the pressure is comfortable for you, whilst providing you with the type of massage that best suits your needs. It’s a very holistic approach to massage, and I love it. It’s a completely unique and person centred service, that I have never had before from anyone in the Oban area, or anywhere else. The fact that Kristin also has an in depth knowledge into how mental health and trauma can manifest its self within the body, will really benefit many. She doesn’t just look at the person from a massage point of view. She takes a very holistic approach and looks at every individuals journey in life. Then tailors her treatments to suit their needs.


I have felt a huge difference in myself since attending Kristin for massage on a regular basis. My back no longer aches all the time, I feel better within myself both mentally and physically. I also know that I can share with Kristin any issues that I am having in complete confidence, and won’t be judged in any way. I cannot recommend Kristin highly enough, you will definitely benefit from this lovely ladies natural abilities and healing hands. Not to mention the stunning location and view from her therapy room. Get yourself along, I promise you won’t be disappointed. "

 - Nichola M. 

    12 April, 2019


I was lucky enough to benefit from one of Kristin's "practice massages" last winter. As someone who sits at a desk all day, I have all the usual consequences to work out: tight hips and low back pain being the main ones. Even working from the floor with no massage table, Kristin was able to navigate through the problem spots quickly and intuitively. I left feeling more spacious, with less pain, and slept really well that night.

- L.B.

26 November, 2019

Painted Leaves



I was going to write this review last night after surviving a12.5 hr shift having hurt my back at the weekend. Had I done so, I would have been raving about the massage I received from Kristin on Monday night saying I was at least 25% better.....justified in that I survived my shift. However now, 48 hours after said massage and another 12.5hr shift, I can honestly say I am at least 80% improved from being on my hands and knees on Monday. Can't thank you enough Kristin, my tears of pain are tears of joy now. I have had many treatments from many therapists in the past. Some good some really shouldn't be practicing ....I am happy to day I would recommend Kristin to anyone and I look forward to returning this time for relaxation rather than for injury treatment.

- Lorna Paterson

12 June, 2019

"I’ve been attending Kristin for issues with my neck, shoulders and back due to life and work issues. The deep tissue massage has helped me immensely to the point that I do not need medical intervention anymore as previously I had been on strong analgesia which I couldn’t take for to the nature of my work. I would highly recommend Kristin as a therapist as she’s friendly and innovative as well as accommodating."

Elizabeth Macfarlane

18 October, 2019

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