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Kristin Buchholz-MacKillop MSN, RN, ACNP, Certified Massage Therapist
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Yeah, I know - that's a lot of letters after my name. Let me break it down for you. I've been a Registered Nurse and hospital-based Nurse Practitioner for over a decade, both in the US and the UK. As the years have progressed, I've begun to notice something. Culturally, we are disconnected from our bodies. Our culture of immediacy feeds us a constant stream of stress-stimulation that we consider a part of normal everyday life. We're tired. Our backs hurt. We suppress, "cowboy-up", take pills, and get on with it. We tell ourselves "that's life", but ultimately our disconnection from how we are truly feeling contributes to everything from chronic pain, depression and anxiety to unexpected illnesses that can truly blindside us when we least expect it.

Your human body is quite literally the coolest, most elegantly complex "machine" that you will ever own. It knows what it needs, and when it doesn't get what it needs, has an incredible ability to get by with what it's getting, compensate for its caregiver's shortcomings, and to a point, forgive our mistreatment of it. To a point. But perhaps most importantly, your amazing human body also has an incredible intrinsic ability to heal. 

Western medicine is the best diagnostic modality available, yet tends to look at the body through a narrow,  problem-focused lens. You take this pill for your blood pressure and this pill for your gastric reflux and a bunch of these pills for this weird undiagnosed pain that nobody can give you a diagnosis for, then a bunch of these other pills to mitigate the symptoms of the first batch of pills... but that's not what real wellness is. The body is a symphony orchestra. Everything is related - the physical, the emotional, the spiritual...all of it. 


Instead of looking at the body one trouble-spot at a time, holistic therapies like massage, herbalism and energy work focus on the bigger picture; mitigating the effects of stress, trauma, and anything else that may be standing between your mind-body connection and  your best, most joyful life. Culturally we tend to relegate such therapies to the "do it later" pile when really, we ought to do it now. All of us. Even those of you who find these modalities all a bit too "crunchy" or  "woo-woo" (and trust me, I used to be one of you) - there is benefit here for you when you're ready. 

Set the stage for yourself to feel better, and you will be better. 





Why Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapies offer more than just a problem-focused approach, whether you are just looking to relax or have a specific issue you are hoping to address. For example, holistic massage is a style of massage that focuses on releasing tension in the muscles and promoting relaxation while taking into account the client's emotional and spiritual wellbeing. At Living Earth, I draw from the styles and techniques from several different styles of massage to create a tailor-made treatment that suits the client's specific needs. 


It can help with


Massage therapy has been shown to have a significant impact on the physiological symptoms of stress including a reduction on both heart rate and blood pressure.

(AMTA, 2017)


Holistic modalities have been widely used to reduce anxiety, improve emotional resilience, and enhance feelings of general well-being.

(Lake, 2018)


A meta-analysis of the existing research shows that massage therapy should be "strongly recommended" as a pain management option.

(Crawford et al, 2016)

Increased Immune Function

Studies have found that moderate-pressure massage results in an increase in the body's Natural Killer cells, which are beneficial in warding-off bacteria, viruses, and even cancer. 

(Field, 2014)


Massage therapy promotes quicker healing by activating molecules that reduce inflammation. 

(Crane et al, 2012)



"I have felt a huge difference in myself since attending Kristin for massage on a regular basis. My back no longer aches all the time, I feel better within myself both mentally and physically. I also know that I can share with Kristin any issues that I am having in complete confidence, and won’t be judged in any way."

 - Nichola M.


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