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Equine Massage Therapy

In addition to treating humans, I hold a foundation certificate as an Equine Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist from Equissage Europe, one of the leading equine massage programs in the industry!

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The benefits of equine massage 

Massage enhances muscle tone, increases range of motion, and assists in balancing the body, helping horses stay fit and active.
Equine Massage Process

The Massage Process

Every massage is tailored to suit your horse's unique needs. Living Earth Equine Massage focuses on balancing your horse's body by systematically assessing specific muscle groups, and applying various massage techniques to any areas of tension that are found, as well as employing specific stretches when appropriate. Each session provides a full-body massage treatment, although the area of focus may differ from session to session depending on what your horse has been doing, and what was found on assessment.

Your first appointment may take a little longer than average, as I will take a detailed history of your horse, gain information about the kind of work he does (or perhaps how long he has been retired), and spend a bit of time getting to know the horse and building trust. If it's indicated I may also ask you to lead your horse in hand or take some photos or video so that I can assess the horse's movement or confirmation before and after the massage. The massage itself can happen anywhere your horse is safe and comfortable, whether it's in his stall, in cross-ties, or even in a riding school arena or round pen.

Please note that in the United Kingdom, Equine Sports Massage Therapists operate under the Veterinary Act of 1966, which states that veterinary permission must be acquired prior to me treating your horse with massage therapy. For more information or to download a veterinary consent form, click here.

If you are interested in booking an appointment with me in the US state of Florida, you not not need a veterinary consent form to participate in equine massage.

Veterinary Consent Form
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