When will I be returning to massage practice? 

Updated 14 July, 2020

Greetings massage enthusiasts! 

This week the English and Welsh government have come out with return-to-practice dates for massage therapists, although at the time of this writing we are still awaiting guidance from the Scottish government. 

Be that as it may, I am also out of the country at the moment, and this combined with the current landscape of recurring and new cases of COVID 19 continuing to spike at home and abroad, I will be taking a cautious approach to re-opening. 

As I stated before, while it is my hope to be able to return to practice at some point in the next few months, I will not do so unless I can guarantee safety for myself and my clients. Massage is a very close-contact discipline, and therefore I will be taking guidance on this matter from both the government's public health officials and the governing body for my massage certification, the MTI (Massage Training Institute). 

I will announce a phased return to practice plan here on the website, as well as on my Facebook and Instagram accounts once it is safe and prudent to do so. Please be aware that as we ease our way back into practicing bodywork, things are likely going to look will a bit different than they did before. Some things you might expect to see:

  • Appointment times will be fewer during the day to allow thorough cleaning and disinfecting of the treatment area.

  • You may be asked to wear a mask for all or some of your treatment where we may in close contact (don't worry - I'll be wearing one too. We're in this together.) 

  • There will likely be an additional screening process at the start of your appointment. This might include getting your temperature taken. 

I thank you all for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time, and will stay in communication with you as we move through this together.