When will I be returning to massage practice? 

Updated 28 September, 2020

Hello massage fans! 


Well....yeah. It's been a while. Believe me when I tell you this is every bit as painful for me as it is for all of you. While we did get to have some sort of semblance of  "normal" for a while there, I chose not to open my doors. This virus is not going away, and appears to be once again on the upswing. Massage being such an intimate discipline, I simply cannot open my doors knowing that I cannot do so with 100% assurance of safety to you, my clients. I am making this decision of my own accord, independent of what the current guidance is. If 10+ years working in healthcare has taught me anything, it's that public health is an area where you simply do not want to mess around. 

So, we wait. For those of you who have coupons and gift certificates, these will not expire. So do not worry. Once we've made some strides in the direction of this thing being under control, I'll update you and start to release appointment times and protocols. , 

I thank you all for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time, and will stay in communication with you as we move through this together.  I've got some aromatherapy and beauty products that I use in practice here on the site to tide you over in the meantime. Hang in there.