Updated 7 December, 2021

Happy Holidays massage enthusiasts! 

Human massage therapy is currently only availale in the UK. Equine massage therapy is available both in the US and in the UK.


I'm back in the UK after an extended stay in my native USA, and while I was fully expecting to have been able to return to practice by now, it appears this pandemic has other ideas. I am taking a limited number of pre-screened private appointments, but equally the government may decide to change the rules at any time, so keep an eye on this page for updates, and feel free to get in touch if you want to chat about an appointment.  

EQUESTRIANS - thankfully equine massage is largely unaffected by the pandemic and can proceed much as usual. 

*I am fully vaccinated and wear a mask for all human massage appointments. For equine appointments, I am happy to mask-up at the request of the owner. If there are other (human) individuals working within the space where the massage takes place, I always wear a mask. 

More on equine massage here.


All clients old and new will be required to fill-out a brief  COVID pre-screening questionnaire, available here to download at your convenience.


Keep this page bookmarked for updates!