When will I be returning to massage practice? 

Updated 7 Man, 2021


I'm pleased to say that massage therapists have been given the green light to go back to practice in Scotland - with a few restrictions of course, one of them being that therapists are not allowed to bring clients into their home work spaces.


I will be out of the country from May 15 - July 2, but up until then am accepting a limited number of mobile appointments. Yes, that's right. House calls

There are a few recommendations that may or may not affect your treatment. A few of them are: 

 - masks must be worn

 - it is advised that therapists do not treat the face or neck area unless it can be done with the client lying on his or her side as to not be face to face at close range

 - treatments in home based work spaces are not yet allowed


You can read the full letter and list of recommendations from the Massage Training Institute at the bottom of this page.

Once I return this summer, depending on what the public health lay of the land looks like, I will be operating out of a more permanent location, TBA.

In the meantime, if you would like to try and schedule a mobile appointment, get in touch by dropping me an email!



* latest guidelines from the Massage Training Institute