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Updated 1 December, 2022 

I am currently back in the UK and taking appointments!

**Many of you will have seen the news of the devastation in Southwest Florida by hurricane Ian. Our home in Southwest Florida was in the direct path of the storm and took a direct hit. While we were not there at the time and are safe, our property did sustain some damage that will need attended to. We are fortunate compared to many who have lost everything, as our property appears to be fairly intact, with only minor damage a few structures, but like everyone else in the area, we still need to engage in a pretty extensive period of assessment, cleanup and repair. 

With this in mind, I will likely be away to the USA again in the near future, so if you desire massage, I strongly encourage you to book in October while I am in the UK. Once I know my travel schedule I can be more specific about availability. If you wish to support our family directly during this time, you can do so by booking a massage, by shopping the Highland Fashionista vintage shop on Etsy, or by donating directly on Paypal. 

To donate directly to an aid organisation assisting with the recovery efforts, you can use the following links: 

Human massage therapy is currently only available in the UK. Equine massage therapy is available both in the US and in the UK.

Keep this page bookmarked for updates!

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